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My name is Anthony Roberts and welcome to the End Bad Design Blog.

I currently serve as Youth Pastor and Creative Director for Abundant Life Church in Alabaster AL. In addition to serving at my local church, I am also the Director of Promotions for the Alabama Youth Dept.

For the past few years, I have been the lead designer and co-owner of the website and graphic design company Rocketpunch Labs. Our company has provided many churches across the country with websites, print materials and a variety of digital designs. If you ever need something, please feel free to Contact Us.

This blog is dedicated to helping churches and those that serve their local church improve their graphic design, print materials, digital designs and anything else creative.

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Aug 11, 2017

Free Fonts Friday

Everyone loves free stuff Welcome to Free Stuff Friday. If you are like me you probably have quite the collection of fonts on your computer. I use quite a mix of premium and free fonts in my work. It is good to have a variety of fonts for different situations. Some fancier fonts look great in digital designs, while others used in print need to be clean and easy to read. ...Read More

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